Men of War - Assault Squad: Devupdate 3

Welcome to another developer update for Men of War: Assault Squad. First of all, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the open beta and provided feedback to us. Now we're taking this opportunity to share what we've achieved since the open beta.

Needless to say we put a lot effort into improving the game and fixing bugs before finalizing it. Many changes have been made according to the thoughts and ideas you have provided. Among these changes is improved depth and detail to the infantry combat.

We have polished the small firearms and made sure they all exhibit their historical rate of fire. We've also given the bolt-action rifles some well-deserved attention! A brand new feature of rifles is an increase in accuracy when shooting multiple times at the same target, making them even better and deadlier in long range engagements. This provides additional depth to infantry combat and a unique ability to riflemen.

Grenades behave more naturally now, by killing infantry on close hits while only wounding them slightly at longer distances, reducing the capability of exploiting grenade tossing in direct control while allowing to kill all types of infantry with one grenade.

Additionally, some special units have received more attention, like the Commonwealth ANZAC troops, now they come with a unique set of weapons, making them even more interesting and varied, giving them their own distinct advantages over other troops.

The minimap received some new features that make it easier to distinguish between different sorts of vehicles, so machine gun positions will be displayed differently than tanks, making it easier to recognize enemy troop movement and manage your own units.

All multiplayer maps have been balanced, map points have been tweaked, as well as spawn and capture areas to provide fair and balanced gameplay. Many of these balance changes have been done as the result of the data we accumulated during the beta and the feedback you've provided, allowing us to deliver an even better gaming experience in the final version.

Also, has also published a short preview of Men of War: Assault Squad, here.

Assault Squad is making drastic changes to the usual game of metal warfare. Low level Shermans are about all the average player will see, and if you can field even a single Tiger, stand proud. You earned it. In place of tanks, Assault Squad is overhauling the infantry to be more effective. [...]

Last but not least, we'd like to introduce you to our plans regarding the future of the game after the release. Since we see a lot of potential in the game and since we are a smaller developer studio that is still very closely connected to its game and community, we want to provide great post-release support with free content updates such as new vehicles and units. However at the same time we'll work on download-able content that will be available for purchase, adding on to the full game and expanding the existing package of Skirmish or Multiplayer maps. You can obtain the DLC and play them together with everyone who did so as well, however they won't stop you from playing with non-owners on basic maps. Some new content that is developed for the DLC will be provided for free to the gaming community in patches. So instead of pumping out one expansion after another, we'll stick to this game and make it better and better over time with your support. Details about what the DLC will offer, will emerge at a later point.

In any case, don't forget to let everyone know about the MoW:AS Steam group! With 20.000 members we'll reactivate the open beta and add the Soviet Union as playable faction!

So stay tuned!

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