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Real-time Tactical-Strategy
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"At the end of last year we were pleased and then surprised to find that Digitalmindsoft were making a “spiritual successor” to the Men of War games set in the modern world." - Read the interview @ Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Call to Arms offers an innovative new look into modern era combat. Initially offering two playable factions, 20 realistically modeled vehicles and heavy weaponry, as well as over 60 firearms and customization, our new game offers the very best in tactical gameplay. Call to Arms will be available on Steam Early Access!

Want to upgrade your package? Please place a new order with a tip only. The tip must be the difference between your previous order and the package you want to upgrade to.


A backer DLC will be made available to all backers for free as thank you!


Why are you not on Kickstarter?
We plan to migrate to Kickstarter at some stage of development, but for now our own website offers us the greatest flexibility. Current users of Digitalmindsoft don’t even need to register!

Will Stretch Goals delay the development?
Absolutely not, we’ll keep our planned release date and if necessary release Stretch Goals later. If you financially contributed to the project, you’ll receive all Stretch Goal content for free.

Does that mean that you will stop supporting Men of War?
Of course not, we still adore the battlefields of WWII, so we will continue to support Assault Squad 2 with content and balance patches. Stay tuned for further announcements!

Complete Funding
31% completed

No more funding is required. But if you want to benefit from the backer rewards, it's your last chance before the game moves to Steam Early Access!

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