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A very strong part of Men of War is the highly interesting multiplayer that provides you a gameplay that gives smarter players an advantage by simply supporting real tactics and strategy without learning hot-keys and maps by heart, or punishing players for not rushing.

Online matches in most strategy games are already decided after a couple of minutes, not so in Men of War, here it makes sense to stand with the last man and fight the battle to end, since nothing is so powerful than how a single infantry man can be.

Today we are preparing you for the combat with an first intensive multiplayer guide.



Battlezones has 3 or more flags to capture and hold against enemy forces, elemental part of this gamemode is to attack and flank various flags at the same time to hinder your enemy to set up defences easily. Sometimes it makes more sense to leave a battle zone up for your enemy in order to save your troops from heavy casualties, once the enemy is capturing a flag, you know where he is, but he doesn't know where you are going to attack him from. Use this advantage wisely, make sure you don't have open flanks, coordinate attacks with your allies and remember most tanks have weak side armour.
Winner of the gamemode is who achieved most scores by capturing flags by the end of the time, or who reached the score limit first.

  • Don't waste troops on capturing flags, sometimes it's better to retreat and flank your enemy[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Teamplay is important, flank enemy tanks that attack your teammates and shoot them at their side armour[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • The more flags you have the faster your team gets scores. Equal amount of flags means no scores for both sides[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • The amount of flags in a match depend on the amount of players participating[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • If your enemy doesn't attack your flag, set up defences and help out your teammates[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Focus attacks with your team are more effective[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Only infantry can capture flags[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Storm troopers have extra flag capture bonus, use them to quickly raise a flag[/*:m:2tpnutdg]

Victory flag

Victory flag is a gamemode with a single flag in the middle of the map that raises up very slowly, both teams will fight hard for them. It's very important to stop your enemy from setting up defences or you will have a hard time capturing the flag back. Use stormtroopers to gain quickly control over the flag and make sure you put a lot of damage to the enemies infantry so he won't be able to buy heavy tanks. If he was able to buy some anyway and you can't destroy it adequately, try to wipe out as much infantry as possible, without infantry he won't be able to capture the flag. This gamemode is the fastest and action based in the game, the winner is who has captured the flag first or who has gained most scores by destroying enemies at the end of the time limit.

  • Put as much damage on the enemy infantry as possible to hinder your opponent spending money on heavy equipment[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Teamplay is important, one should focus on the middle, while the rest of the team tries to flank the enemy and cut off their supply routes to the flag point[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • The flag raises very slowly, so don't waste senseless troops, it's enough time to get it back[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Always try to push further, the more land the enemy has to fight back the more difficult it will be for him to get the flag in time[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Only infantry can capture flags[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Storm troopers have extra flag capture bonus, use them to quickly raise a flag[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • The flag falls faster than it goes up, use this to give you more time fighting your enemy[/*:m:2tpnutdg]

Valuable Cargo

Valuable Cargo is an very interesting gamemode, both sides have to hunt for an important cargo and bring it back with crawlers to your homebase. The cargo spawns randomly on the map so it's sometimes smarter to get large parts of the map under your control by risking to lose a cargo. Since only crawlers are capable of collecting the cargo, they are an important target, instead of destroying them it's better to just damage their tracks so your enemy is forced to repair it. By destroying it, a new crawler will spawn at the base.
The winner of the gamemode is who has reached the score limit first or who has more scores by the end of the time limit.

  • Disable the enemies' cargo carrier instead of destroying it[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Get control over large parts of the map, in order to increase the chance a cargo spawns near your troops[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • If you are in a good position let the enemy try to take the cargo, he will spent lots of troops for it[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Cargo carriers are very slow, use this knowledge to flank them when they try to bring back the cargo to their base[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Sometimes it's better to let your enemy go with a cargo instead of wasting troops[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Cargos spawn randomly on the map after capturing or after a certain time[/*:m:2tpnutdg]


Frontlines is the most strategic gamemode of Men of War, in this mode 1 team is defending and the other team is attacking. Objectives are small flags that can be captured and unlock larger flags that aren't possible to capture unless you have all small flags raised up. Big flags can't be captured back once they are lost, so you better watch them as a defender! When all large flags on the screen are captured aswell the game will unlock a further part of the map until all flags on the map are captured and the attacker team won. After that round the defender and attacker will switch teams and the former defender has to make more scores than the former attacker to win the match. Interesting fact is, that defender and attacker have different types of units available. As a defender you won't have much heavy equipment, however you have enough time to set up traps and ambushes.

  • Small flags need to be captured first, they are your first priority[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Big flags will unlock a new part of the map[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Big flags can't be captured back, so make sure you don't lose them as a defender[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Teams will switch after the first round[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Attacker and defender have different type of units, so use the advantages wisely you have to compensate your disadvantages[/*:m:2tpnutdg]


Combat can be played as team Combat or Combat free for all. The only objective you have is to destroy as much enemies you can by loosing as little as possible. The gamemode is designed for fun battles, to be successfull make sure you take over big parts of the map to force the enemy to attack. The winner of the match is the team with the most scores.

  • The larger parts of the map you have, less room your enemy has for manoeuvres[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Force the enemy to attack you[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Make sure you don't run into minefields[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • The bigger the tank the more scores it gives you by destroying it[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • The less losses you have, the less scores your opponent has[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • In combat FFA it makes sense to battle different opponents to diffuse the scores you give by loosing troops[/*:m:2tpnutdg]


Cooperative gamemode allows you to play through all campaigns and missions with your friends by playing together against the AI. If you loose your men it's no reason to quit or leave the game since every soldier carries 3 packs of morphine that can heal fallen comrades. But make sure you don't run out of them or you may end up having troubles and scavenging death bodies to help your teammates, which can be a big boost of adrenaline when bullets are flying around everywhere!

  • All missions can be played together with friends[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Players will share the existing troops and reinforcements[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • All player soldiers have 3 packs of morphine to heal fallen comrades[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • Sometimes it's better to wait until the AI retreats before you go heal friendly soldiers[/*:m:2tpnutdg]
  • All difficulty levels are available and fog of war on/off[/*:m:2tpnutdg]

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